Medieval Combat Society

About Us - The Social Aspect


At the MCS we like having fun, so we also do:

Multi Group Events:

The society has a good reputation within the re-enactment community which is why we are invited to take part in events such as the Tewkesbury Festival and both the Agincourt and Crecy Festivals in France each year.


We have invited people such as Sarah Thursfield author of the “Medieval Tailors Assistant” and Toni Mount author of books such as “Like the Colour of Poison” and “A year in the life of medieval England” to come to our events and give lectures on their areas of expertise.


Once a year we hold a Medieval High Banquet for all our members as a thank you for all their hard work during the year. This is run on a proper format of a medieval banquet and the time we do things like our Knighting ceremony. Plus to finish the year at the last training Sunday before Christmas we hold a beggars banquet. This is where we all bring some food and it is shared with everyone who is there.

A lot of socialising:

From a quick trip to the pub to an all night session around a campfire at shows the Medieval Combat Society members always find time to relax, especially when ale and mead and singing are involved!