Medieval Combat Society

About Us - Combat

The armour and weapons used are based on research of the 14th century. The Medieval Combat Society uses a system that has developed over a large number of years within re-enactment, that is safe, highly enjoyable, and yet entertaining for the public to watch. The fight style has been termed “FAST” - Fast Accurate Safe Technique.

A member can start training from the age of sixteen and we have both male and female fighters. Everyone starts as a squire and is mentored by a knight during their training. Training is not only there to equip you with the skills of using various weapons but also to build up the muscles and mental attitude required to fight safely and effectively. We train to make sure the fighters are safe, not only for themselves, but also their fellow fighters and the public.

Training is undertaken with a chivalric attitude to combat activities. Fighters must at all times be fully aware of their actions and the environments in which they are fighting. Anger, lack of consideration or excessively competitive or aggressive attitude (other than that simulated) or an uncontrollable urge to “win regardless” is avoided. 

It is considered that every participant in any activity should attempt to make that activity as enjoyable as and safe as possible, both for themselves, their opponent and the audience. Saying that we do not do choreograph fighting but use a free fighting, full contact technique which needs a high level of skill and control.

The Medieval Combat Society has a good reputation in the re-enactment community for well trained fighters and this is why we are invited to fight at such places such as the Battle of Tewkesbury 1471, one of the largest shows in the UK boasting of over 1,500 knights on the battlefield. We are also invited each year to attend Agincourt Festival and Crecy Festival both in France.