Medieval Combat Society

About Us - The Encampment


When the Medieval Combat Society set up at a show we bring with us an entire slice of medieval life featuring tents, fires, tradesmen's stalls and all the furniture and fittings of a royal entourage encamped for a tournament.

If the show lasts more than one day it is normal, if possible, for members to stay overnight, sleep in the tents, cook using traditional techniques over the open fires and generally live the life of a society on the move.

During the day the public are able to explore the encampment and receive a "show and tell" experience of life in the 14th Century with the opportunity to handle weapons and armour, watch candles being made, wool being spun, banquets cooking, children playing with period toys and much more.

In the words of the Mayor of Crecy "We expected you to bring a few tents, but this is formidable! You have bought an entire village!"